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Give It All Up

Goldfoot fuses musical elements from the past, present, and future with good vibes and dance beats. Their debut album "Retro Future Funk" (2018) embodies that fusion with a myriad of groove and a heart full of soul. It’s a sweet dose of funk that targets the booty and alleviates your non-dance symptoms.

Explosive performances at What The Festival and Music Fest NW, have brought this Portland based septet into the forefront of funk.  Having shared the stage with international groovesters, The New Mastersounds, and renowned DJ's like Gramatik, Goldfoot has proven their ability to satisfy all types of ears (As long as they don't mind dancing). They create a party that everyone can enjoy, but don't forget to bring a comfortable pair of shoes... 

"Goldfoot is one of my absolute favorite bands in the NW music scene!  Their combination of infectious grooves, big hooks, and skilled musicianship engages the audience from the very first downbeat.   I affably refer to them as a modern-day Bee Gees because of their cool retro vibe, and because of their uncanny ability to get people dancing immediately.  So just do yourself a favor and get hip to'll be "on the floor" in no time!"

Jason Fellman, Promoter/Booker - J-Fell Presents

"The Goldfoot groove is a wide-ranging animal,  traveling over bass-driven fields of funk to sample bits of rock, soul, blues and jazz, but always with an eye toward the sensibilities of its dance crowds."

Christian Bringhurst, The News Reivew



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